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    Zildjian 16" Orkestercymbal Par Med/Light (Begagnad)

    3.500,00 kr

    Matchande par orkestercymbaler från Zildjian i bra skick.


    Designade tillsammans med världens ledande Orchestral-specialister. Dessa cymbaler har en omedelbar och skimrande respons med mycket värme.


    Ljusa handcymbalspar med grym känsla, respons och sustain för alla orkestrala spelsituationer.

    Zildjian 20" A-Series Custom Ride (Begagnad)

    2.300,00 kr

    Begagnad 20" ride i Zildjians A Custom-serie.


    "Clear stick definition, yet with a good degree of colorful, warmer undertones."

    Zildjian 20" I Crash Ride

    1.990,00 kr

    ILH20CR är en 20" crash ride i Zildjians I-serie.


    "Our largest I Family Crash for maximum volume. In addition to its crash qualities, great stick definition makes this cymbal an excellent choice for a dual-purpose crash/ride."

    Zildjian 16" A Zildjian Medium Thin Crash

    2.690,00 kr

    16" medium thin crash i Zildjians A-serie.


    "Bright-sounding crash in an incredibly versatile and responsive medium-thin weight, with a stronger high-end than the Thin Crash."

    Zildjian 22" K Dark Medium Ride

    4.300,00 kr 5.710,00 kr

    22" Dark medium Ride i Zildjians K-serie.


    "The 22" K Zildjian Dark Medium Ride is designed to perform in rock and jazz settings with equal effectiveness."

    Zildjian 22" K Custom Medium Ride

    5.290,00 kr

    22" medium ride i Zildjians K Custom-serie.


    "The K Custom Medium Ride is a versatile all-around ride with good stick definition, a clear bell and warm undertones. The unlathed underside gives the cymbal a generally more focused sound. A different finish is featured on each side - Traditional on top, and Brilliant on the underside."

    Zildjian A Custom Cymbal Pack

    11.600,00 kr

    Cymbalpaket i Zildjians A Custom-serie, bestående av 14" hihat, 16" och 18" crash, samt 20" medium ride.


    "Features crisp, sweet, sophisticated cymbals with a modern sound. Zildjian A Custom cymbals are made using radical rotary hammering techniques, thin weights, and a brilliant finish. Great for a variety of drumming styles."

    Zildjian 18" A Avedis Crash Ride

    3.790,00 kr

    18" crash ride i Zildjians serie A Avedis.


    "A Avedis are thin, loose and crashable but also offer ample stick definition and a clear bell sound for ride patterns. Finished with an "aged" patina, A Avedis re-creates the look and sound of vintage A Zildjian cymbals."

    Zildjian 10" L80 Low Volume Splash

    1.090,00 kr

    10" splash i Zildjians L80-serie, 80% tystare än normala cymbaler. Perfekt i alla övningssammanhang där ljudvolymen måste ner.

    Zildjian 22" FX Oriental Crash Of Doom

    4.190,00 kr

    FX Oriental Crash Of Doom är en effektcymbal, här i storleken 22", från Zildjian.


    "Not for the subtle, but those looking for a booming accent. The 22'' Zildjian fx Oriental Crash of Doom continues to offer the dark, explosive, monstrous sound that characterized the 20'' size."

    Zildjian 10" FX Stack Pair With Mount

    1.725,00 kr

    FXS10 är en 10" effektcymbal i Zildjians I-serie.


    "The new Zildjian FX Stacks, the latest in innovative design, provides versatility to match the range of sound you're looking for. Set them up as traditional hi-hats, or stack them. FX Stacks come in 8'', 10'', 12'', 14'' and 16'' and include an exclusive Zildjian Cymbolt mount for easy transitions."

    Zildjian I Expression Cymbal Pack

    2.295,00 kr

    ILHEXP1 är ett cymbalpaket i Zildjians I-serie, bestående av en 14" trash crash hihat top och en 17" trash.


    "Looking to add a little color and individuality to your setup? Expand your sound with an extra crash and a 14" trash crash that can also be used as a FX Hi Hat top!"

    Zildjian 18" I Crash Ride

    1.590,00 kr

    ILH18CR är en 18" crash ride i Zildjians I-serie.


    "This incredibly versatile cymbal delivers a great ride sound with good stick definition, while still being small and thin enough to maintain excellent crashability."

    Zildjian 17" I Trash Crash

    1.590,00 kr

    ILH17TRC är en 17" trash crash i Zildjians I-serie.


    "Bright and trashy, this 17" trash crash adds a unique accent and is the perfect addition to any setup."

    Zildjian 18" I China

    1.590,00 kr

    ILH18CH är en 18" china i Zildjians I-serie.

    Zildjian 16" I China

    1.290,00 kr

    ILH16CH är en 16" china i Zildjians I-serie.

    Zildjian 10" I Splash

    890,00 kr

    ILH10S är en 10" splash i Zildjians I-serie.


    "Thin in weight, this I Family splash produces a bright, fast and cutting sound. This is the perfect cymbal for quick accents that add a little color to your performance."

    Zildjian 22" I Ride

    2.090,00 kr

    ILH22R är en 22" ride i Zildjians I-serie.


    "At 22", this ride cymbal provides the same bright tones and definition as the 20", but with a little extra volume, projection and wash. Fantastic bell sound that really cuts through the mix."

    Zildjian 20" I Ride

    1.890,00 kr

    ILH20R är en 20" ride i Zildjians I-serie.


    "This bright ride is medium to high-pitched in tone. The medium weight produces precise, clean stick definition. Fantastic bell sound that really cuts through the mix."

    Zildjian 19" I Crash

    1.690,00 kr

    ILH19C är en 19" crash i Zildjians I-serie.


    "This 19" crash delivers a bright sound with a large enough diameter to support a big, expressive washiness."

    Zildjian 18" I Crash

    1.790,00 kr

    ILH18C är en 18" crash i Zildjians I-serie.


    "This 18" crash delivers a bright sound with a large enough diameter to support a big, expressive washiness."

    Zildjian 17" I Crash

    1.590,00 kr

    ILH17C är en 17" crash i Zildjians I-serie.


    "A bright crash sound with easy playability. The slightly larger diameter of this crash cymbal allows it to really open up and deliver a little bit of extra expressiveness."

    Zildjian 14" I Crash

    1.090,00 kr

    ILH14C är en 14" crash i Zildjians I-serie.


    "This medium-thin weight 14" crash produces a bright and fast sound that is great for any musical application. Smaller in size, it has a voice of its own, making it a great add-on crash to any set-up."

    Zildjian 7" FX Blast Bell

    1.690,00 kr

    7" bell från Zildjian Concept Shop i i limiterad utgåva.


    "A perfect companion for your ride cymbal, the Blast Bell is built to cut through the mix in a musical way. Limit one per customer."


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