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    Rea - Trummor, Cymbaler & Percussion

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    Sabian 22" Ride Artisan Light Brilliant Finish

    5.900,00 kr 8.690,00 kr

    22" Ride i Sabians Artisan-serie.

    Sabian 18" AAX O-Zone Brilliant Finish

    2.500,00 kr 3.790,00 kr

    18" Crash i Sabians AAX O-Zone serie.

    Zildjian 22" K Dark Medium Ride

    4.300,00 kr 5.710,00 kr

    22" Dark medium Ride i Zildjians K-serie.


    "The 22" K Zildjian Dark Medium Ride is designed to perform in rock and jazz settings with equal effectiveness."

    Pearl Modern Utility Maple 14"x10" Floor Snare Drum

    2.500,00 kr 4.190,00 kr

    14" virveltrumma/golvpuka med 6-lagers stomme i lönn. Finish: Black Ice.


    "Fusing reliability and flexibility for today’s demanding gigging environment, Pearl has developed Modern Utility: a line of no-nonsense, well-appointed snare drums priced with the active working player in mind.

    Vital instruments tailored to make the gig great, Modern Utility snare drums feature a 6-ply/5.4mm all Maple SST shell and our classic CL Bridge Lugs. The 14"x10" Floor Snare Drum is a workhorse of a different color. Its size and mounting legs lend themselves to floor tom tuning and play, but the addition of our smooth SR-017 strainer and snare wires make it playable as a deep-voiced accent snare drum."

    Zildjian 20" K Constantinople Medium Thin High Ride

    4.800,00 kr 5.390,00 kr

    20" Ride i Zildjians K Constantinople-serie.


    "The K Constantinople Medium Thin Ride High features plenty of give and complex texture, with great 'crashability' at a medium thin weight. The combination of top articulation and bottom spread provides excellent stick articulation. It features a slightly higher profile than the Medium Thin Low, resulting in a little more focused stick sound and less wash, at a higher fundamental pitch."

    TAMA PRB146 Starphonic Brass Snare Drum

    3.900,00 kr 4.790,00 kr

    Peter Erskine signaturvirvel!

    PRB146 är en 14" x 6" virveltrumma från Tama med stomme i 1,2 mm mässing.

    TAMA S.L.P. Dynamic Bronze LBZ1445

    4.400,00 kr 5.150,00 kr

    14"x4,5" virveltrumma från Tama i serien S.L.P. med stomme i 1,2mm brons.

    Pearl Sensitone Heritage Alloy 14"x6.5" Black Brass Snare

    4.900,00 kr 5.950,00 kr

    14" x 6,5" virveltrumma i mässing.


    "From stage to studio, the Black Nickel-plated Brass snare has long been a go-to drum for countless pro players in search of the ultimate snare tone. The Sensitone Heritage Alloy Brass snare's 1mm beaded shell delivers the beautiful tone of a timeless classic with enough sonic flexibility to make it fit in any genre. Features CL Bridge lugs and Pearl's classic SR017 snare strainer."

    Sabian 19" HHX Complex O-Zone Crash

    3.990,00 kr 4.890,00 kr

    19" Crash i Sabians HHX Complex-serie.

    Sabian 20" HHX Complex Thin Crash

    3.990,00 kr 4.990,00 kr

    20" Crash i Sabians HHX-serie. Så här säger Sabian själva:


    "The 20” Complex Crash employs a combination of HH and HHX hammering, a raw hammered bell, and a number of the aforementioned proprietary techniques – resulting in one of the richest, sweetest Crash cymbals SABIAN has ever produced. The versatility to easily cross musical styles has always been a hallmark of the HHX line, and the 20” HHX Complex Thin Crash is no exception."

    Sabian 21" HH Vanguard Ride

    3.900,00 kr 5.090,00 kr

    21" Ride i Sabians HH-serie.


    "A thin, light design with pinpoint lathing and smaller bell, HH Vanguard is ideal for players who want darker cymbals with quick responses. The smaller cup and extended profile delivers clean, woody stick definition for such a thin cymbal."

    Pearl Masters Maple Gum MMG923XSP/C Platinum Gold Oyster

    24.500,00 kr 29.990,00 kr

    3-delars akustiskt trumset (shellpack) med 22" bastrumma, 12" hängpuka samt 16" golvpuka. Färg: Platinum Gold Oyster. Stativ och cymbaler medföljer ej.


    Priset avser butikens visningsexemplar i mycket gott skick. Hämtas helst i butiken.

    Rea - Trummor, Cymbaler & Percussion

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