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    Gretsch Drums

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    Gretsch Renown Maple Shell Pack Piano Black

    19.526,00 kr

    3-delars trumset i Gretsch serie Renown Maple. Säljs som shellpack innehållande 24"x14" bastrumma, 13"x9" hängpuka samt 16"x16" golvpuka. Färg: Piano Black.


    Stativ, virveltrumma och cymbaler på bilden medföljer ej.

    Gretsch Renown Maple Shell Pack Vintage Pearl

    19.260,00 kr

    4-delars trumset i Gretsch serie Renown Maple. Säljs som shellpack innehållande 20"x16" bastrumma, 10"x7" och 12"x8" hängpukor, samt 14"x14" golvpuka. Färg: Vintage Pearl.


    Stativ, virveltrumma och cymbaler på bilden medföljer ej.

    Gretsch USA Brooklyn Standard

    8.399,00 kr

    14" virveltrumma med stomme i 6-lagers lönn/poppel. Djup 5,5".

    Gretsch Catalina Club Shell Pack Satin Walnut Glaze

    8.700,00 kr

    4-delat trumset i Gretsch serie Catalina Club. Säljs som shellpack innehållande 18"x14" bastrumma, 14"x5" virveltrumma, 12"x8" hängpuka samt 14"x14" golvpuka. Färg: Satin Walnut Glaze.


    Stativ och cymbaler på bilden medföljer ej.

    Gretsch Black Nickel Over Steel

    2.569,00 kr

    14"x6,5" virveltrumma från Pearl. Levereras med skinn från Remo.


    "Our 6.5x14” Black Nickel over Steel snare drum offers an ideal balance of power, sensitivity, beauty, and value all in one snare drum. Taking advantage of its wide tuning range, you can achieve either a loose, slow and dry sound character or a very sharp, bold and bright attack. It features 2.3mm Triple flanged hoops, an adjustable throw-off, 20 strand snare wire, Remo® drum heads, and 45 degree bearing edges."

    Gretsch Gergo Borlai Signature Snare Drum

    8.090,00 kr

    14"x4,25" virveltrumma från Gretsch.


    "Drum Phenom Gergo Borlai and Gretsch teamed up to develop a very unique addition to the USA metal snare collection. Together, they created what Gergo describes as a “sensitive, multifunctional, loud, and limitless” snare drum. The key elements included a 4.25x14” 1.2mm brass shell, 45 degree bearing edges, 20-strand snare wires and 4mm Die Cast hoops, making this instrument one of the more distinctive in the Gretsch snare drum assortment. The shell’s surface is finished with an applied sand blast texture for a unique look and tighter overall sound. A Lightning throw-off™, Gretsch Permatone® Control Sound head by Remo USA® and an inside identification label specifies the year of production and is signed by Gergo Borlai rounds off this one-of-a-kind snare drum."

    Gretsch Keith Carlock Signature Snare Drum

    9.890,00 kr

    14"x5,5" virveltrumma från Gretsch.


    "When you are fortunate enough to work with the drummer who has performed with such a wide range of artists such as Steely Dan, Toto, Wayne Krantz, James Taylor, Tal Wilkenfeld, John Mayer, Sting, Chris Botti, and many more…why wouldn’t you want to develop a snare drum with him? His rhythmic expression behind the drum set is so musical and so inspiring to many musicians across the globe, Gretsch Drums considers it an honor to proudly introduce the Keith Carlock Signature Snare Drum."

    Gretsch Renown Maple Snare Drum 14"x6,5"

    3.969,00 kr

    14"x6,5" virveltrumma från Gretsch. Stommar i 7-lagers lönn.

    Gretsch Renown Maple Snare Gloss Natural

    3.845,00 kr

    14"x5" virveltrumma med 7-lagers lönnstomme från Pearl. Levereras med skinn från Remo.

    Gretsch The Swamp Dawg

    6.090,00 kr

    14"x8" virveltrumma med 6-lagers mahognystomme från Gretsch. Levereras med skinn från Remo.


    "Dubbed the “Swamp Dawg,” this multi-faceted drum is a versatile addition to the Full Range series. The deep 8"x14" mahogany shell, when tuned low, creates a swampy, dark, throaty, “low-fi” timbre reminiscent of historic recordings from the seventies. At mid and higher tunings, the Swamp Dawg cuts with saturating attack and full body. The 6-ply mahogany shell, 8 tube lugs and triple flange hoops work together to let the drum open up and breath while the 42-strand snare wires and double-ply, coated Remo® Emperor batter head give the drum extra bite and playability."

    Gretsch USA Bronze

    8.487,00 kr

    14"x6,5" virveltrumma från Pearl. Byggd i USA. Levereras med skinn från Remo.


    "Sonically between a brass and copper shell, bronze is a very musical metal, as shown by its use in cymbal making for years. Bronze snares are somewhat darker than their brass counterparts, but still have a clear, defined high end and great stick articulation. The 1mm polished Bronze shell also comes with our Micro-Sensitive throw, 42-Strand snare wires, die cast hoops and a ‘Snap-In’ key holder."

    Gretsch Wood Hoop Aluminium Snare

    7.442,00 kr

    14"x6,5" aluminiumvirvel med träsärg i 13-lagers lönn från Pearl. Levereras med skinn från Remo.


    "The 1.2mm seamless aluminum shell creates a drier tone due to the inherent qualities of aluminum- a focused attack with minimal overtones. Add the 13-ply Rock Maple hoops and you get extra warmth added to the attack along with a massive cross stick sound. The wood hoops are also low profile to enhance playing comfort and feature beveled edges to provide a unique look. Sonically, these hoops produce an earthy, warm timbre with explosive cross-stick clicks- truly a unique addition to any snare collection."

    Gretsch Drums

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